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The Kolts & Kitties 4-H Club was established in 2006. Our main club leader has over 40 years of experience in many areas of 4-H. We meet in Graham near the Pierce County Fairgrounds (Frontier Park.)

As the name implies, our primary projects are cats and horses. We also have a very active Performing Arts group. Several members also carry other projects that they work on independently.

Kolts & Kitties club members meet every Friday, from 7:00-9:00 PM. Members must attend a minimum of 75% of club meetings & activities to stay current and to participate at Pierce County Fair.

Our club's slogan is FUN, which stands for Friends, Understanding, and New Activities. Our goal is to learn about our projects in a fun way and to share that learning with others.

  • Business Meetings: (1st Friday) An officer-led meeting to make plans and decide on actions for the club to take. Required for all members.
  • Horse Meetings:Twice a month. Members meet to learn about horses. We also try to have a riding meeting one day each month (usually on a Saturday.)
  • Cat Meetings: Once a month. Members meet to learn about cats & practice handling their cats.
  • Performance Arts Meetings: Performance Arts members work on their own to develop their talents. Help is always available from the club.